Trailed mobile drilling rig ZJ30

Quantity -4  

Load capacity – 180 tons. 

Trailed mobile drilling rig ZJ30 (made in China) is used for oil and gas fields drilling and repair works. 

Trailed mobile drilling rig ZJ30 features: 

  • the rig is on the basis of semi-trailer vehicle; 
  • improved producing capacity and efficiency; 
  • high degree of automation (in particular, a fully automated system of electric drive control), significantly reduce labor costs under drilling and repairing works; 
  • usability; 
  • drop of the manual labor rate at drilling and repair operations; 
  • automated driller's cab. 

All drilling rigs are equipped with high-tech equipment with remote operation control made by leading world manufacturers. The metal construction of the rigs are designed to drill at low temperatures under the extreme North terms, the quality of their assembling conforms to the Russian standards of operation. Drilling rig is equipped with the acquired units of the well-known manufacturers such as Allison boxes and Caterpillar engines.