Trailed drilling rig TZJ20

Trailed drilling rig TZJ20 

Quantity -1  

Load capacity – 160 tons. 

Trailed drilling rig TZJ20 made by  "Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd" Company (OOO "DFXK NEFTEMASH") (PRC) is used for oil and gas fields drilling and repair works. 

Trailed drilling rig TZJ20 features: 

  •  the rig is on the basis of semi-trailer vehicle; 
  • improved producing capacity and efficiency; 
  • high degree of automation (in particular, a fully automated system of electric drive control), significantly reduce labor costs under drilling and repairing works; 
  • usability; 
  • drop of the manual labor rate at drilling and repair operations; 
  • automated driller's cab. 

The main advantages of the trailed drilling rig TZJ20: 

  • Drilling derrick is pulling out with the cable hoist, the overhead driving gear system mounting is allowed. 
  • Adjustment of AC motors rotation speed and torque in a wide range makes easier to control the cable hoist, drilling pump, rotor and overhead driving gear. 
  • Intrinsically safe of AC motors. 
  • The unit is equipped with an automated driller's cabin. 
  • Management, drilling and repair operations are performed using the drilling parameters device. 

The concept and design features: 

  1. Type and main engineering data of drilling rig conform to oil industry standards of the PRC, and the main components design complies with the ANI specifications. 
  2. This drilling rig uses a diesel generator as the power source and the control mode is "one to one", it differs of improved performance, convenient and reliable management system that meets the requirements of drilling technology. 
  3. Drilling rig is equipped with the forked type of base. The support and all drilling equipment on the drilling floor can be assembled on the ground and lifting up with the base in the assembly form. 
  4. Closed internal speed switch of draw works with four tooth gearing of continuously rated drive and reversible submersible rotary drive. The driveshaft is used for drilling equipment connection. The drilling site is smooth and spacious. 
  5. Besides the drilling rig is equipped with a modern control system of solids with the advanced cleaning technology. 

All drilling rigs are equipped with high-tech equipment with remote operation control made by leading world manufacturers. The metal construction of the rigs are designed to drill at low temperatures under the extreme North terms, the quality of their assembling conforms to the Russian standards of operation. Drilling rig is equipped with the acquired units of the well-known manufacturers such as Allison boxes and Caterpillar engines.