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E&RBS driller for oil and gas

Job responsibilities:
• Performance of preparatory work prior to drilling;
• maintenance of the technological process of drilling wells for oil, gas and other minerals with deep drilling rigs and all related work in accordance with the geological and technical line, regime and technical map and technological regulations;
• performance of tripping operations using mechanisms and equipment; performance of works on oriented drilling;
• management of work on the preparation and chemical treatment of drilling fluids.
Type of work: Permanent
Mode of operation: Shift work
Wage system: Time-based - premium
Form of remuneration: Simple time
Salary: From 200,000 rubles.
Type of workplace: Permanent
Working conditions: Harmful
Social benefits: Additional leave and additional payment for work in hazardous working conditions
Provision of living space: No
Additional working conditions and compensation: Trial period 3 months
Note: Experience in E&RBS and ST
Education: Secondary vocational (technical or document confirming qualifications)
Qualification: E&RBS driller for oil and gas
Specialty: Drilling of oil and gas wells
Length of service (experience): at least 3 years
Rank, class, category, etc.: 7th rank
Professional skills and qualities:
Must know:
• Geological and technical work order and regime-technological map;
• geological section of the area to be drilled, information about the design of wells;
• technological process and modes of conducting drilling operations;
• purpose, arrangement and technical characteristics of drilling and power equipment, automatic mechanisms, safety devices;
• installation of turbodrills and main thrusters;
• device and purpose of the applied tool and adaptations;