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Deputy Head of the Central (District) Engineering and Technology Service

Job responsibilities:
• Managing the activities of CITS to ensure the rhythmic operation of the main production and the implementation of the well construction schedule.
• Conducting analysis of the activities of the CITS, holding daily operational (selector) meetings.
• Implementation of operational control over the implementation of the drilling crews of the main production of the well construction schedule.
• Ensuring regular operational control over the main production process, taking measures to prevent and eliminate violations in drilling. Organization of operational planning and performance of work related to the implementation of plans for organizational and technical measures to prepare for winter and spring floods, monitoring their implementation.
• Organization of work to eliminate accidents, complications and fires,
• Development and implementation of new technical means and advanced technologies aimed at increasing the level of mechanization of production and industrial safety, eliminating hazardous production factors (noise, vibration, gas pollution, dust content and other factors) in the areas of activity.
Type of work: Permanent
Operating Mode: Normal Working Hours
Wage system: Time-based - premium
Form of remuneration: Simple time
Salary: From 80,000 rubles.
Type of workplace: Permanent
Working conditions: Permissible
Social benefits: No
Provision of living space: No
Additional working conditions and compensation: Trial period 3 months
Note: Experience in E&RBS and ST
Education: Higher professional (technical) education and at least 5 years of work experience in engineering and management positions
Qualification: Specialist
Specialty: Drilling of oil and gas wells
Length of service (experience): at least 5 years
Professional skills and qualities:
Must know:
• main technological drilling processes and production modes