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Drilling rig operator for oil and gas

Job responsibilities:
• Maintenance and repair of engines with a total power of more than 1000 kW inclusive, power and diesel electrical units, fuel and oil installations, compressors, transmission and pneumatic systems of drilling rigs, electrical equipment of a drilling rig, as well as maintenance and repair of engines with a power of more than 1000 kW and gas turbine engines under the guidance of a mechanic.
• Disassembly, assembly, alignment, troubleshooting and adjustment of power equipment and machines.
• Carrying out current and complex repairs of engines and power units, adjustment of diesel engines.
• Taking measures to prevent malfunctions in the operation of power and drilling equipment, engines, power units, diesel generators and other stations.
• Regulation and adjustment of cooling systems, lubrication, fuel supply and gas distribution of power units, remote control systems of power units and systems of automatic protection of power units.
• Maintenance, disassembly, repair and assembly, adjustment and adjustment of turbo transformers and turbo couplings.
Type of work: Permanent
Mode of operation: Shift work
Wage system: Time-based - premium
Form of remuneration: Simple time
Salary: From 130,000 rubles.
Type of workplace: Permanent
Working conditions: Harmful
Social benefits: Additional leave and additional payment for work in hazardous working conditions
Provision of living space: No
Additional working conditions and compensation: Trial period 3 months
Note: Experience in E&RBS and ST
Education: Secondary vocational (technical or document confirming qualifications)
Qualification: Operator of drilling rigs for oil and gas
Specialty: Drilling of oil and gas wells
Length of service (experience): at least 3 years
Category, class, category, etc.: 4-6 category
Professional skills and qualities:
Must know:
• technological processes of drilling;
• technical characteristics, arrangement of drilling equipment, engines, power units and transmission devices;
• designation of the overhead structures and communications;
• causes of occurrence, methods for preventing and eliminating malfunctions in the operation of engines of power, drilling equipment and machines, methods of adjustment;
• rules for lubrication of drilling and power equipment;
• temperature regime of engines operation, design of automatic machines;
• diagrams of operation of remote control systems;
• system of accounting and reporting in the operation of power equipment;
• consumption rates of fuels and lubricants; fundamentals of electrical engineering.