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Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Job responsibilities:
• Carrying out inspections of compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, the state of working conditions and industrial, fire, transport safety in the divisions of the enterprise with the issuance of instructions and control over their execution.
• Work with regulatory and state bodies - preparation for inspections, full support for inspections, claim work, acceptance and consideration of acts, instructions, development of measures based on their results, control over their implementation
• Consideration and approval of OHS instructions, job descriptions and qualifications
• Production control over the operation of hoisting machines and pressure vessels
• Investigation of incidents, accidents, traffic accidents, registration of results Control over the organization of employee training (introductory briefings, initial training, scheduled training in labor protection, industrial safety, fire fighting, electrical safety, ecology)
• Certification of employees in industrial, transport safety, electrical safety, labor protection as a member of the AC.
• Checking the knowledge of working personnel on electrical safety, production instructions
• Control over the organization and conduct of preliminary, periodic medical examinations in all units;
Type of work: Work in the field
Working hours: Irregular working hours
Wage system: Time-based - premium
Form of remuneration: Simple time
Salary: From 140,000 rubles.
Type of workplace: Permanent
Working conditions: Permissible
Social benefits: No
Provision of living space: No
Additional working conditions and compensation: Trial period 3 months
Note: Experience in E&RBS and ST
Education: Higher professional education, work experience in the specialty for at least 3 years
Qualification: Specialist
• Safety of technological processes and production
• Life safety in the technosphere
Length of service (experience): At least 3 years
Professional skills and qualities:
Must know:
• basic drilling processes and production modes,
• knowledge of the regulatory framework in the field of industrial, fire, environmental safety, labor protection standards, labor legislation