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Drilling rig maintenance electrician

Job responsibilities:
• Maintenance of electrical equipment of drilling rigs, switchgears of electric motors, voltage control stations, pump drives, winches and other equipment, maintains secondary switching and relay protection circuits: current, differential, etc.;
• maintenance of electrical equipment and drives.
Type of work: Permanent
Mode of operation: Shift work
Wage system: Time-based - premium
Form of remuneration: Simple time
Salary: From 130,000 rubles.
Type of workplace: Permanent
Working conditions: Harmful
Social benefits: Additional leave and additional payment for work in hazardous working conditions
Provision of living space: No
Additional working conditions and compensation: Trial period 3 months
Note: Experience in E&RBS and ST
Education: Primary or secondary vocational education
Qualification: Drilling rig maintenance electrician
Specialty: Installation, adjustment and operation of electrical equipment
Length of service (experience): at least 1 year
Category, class, category, etc.: 4-6 category
Professional skills and qualities:
Must know:
• general concepts of the technological process of drilling wells for oil, gas, thermal waters and other minerals;
• order and proper maintenance of technical documentation;
• fundamentals of electrical engineering, telemechanics and electronics;
• structure and electrical circuits of various electrical machines, devices, measuring instruments, automatic control and telemechanics;
• methods for testing electrical equipment, cable and air networks;
• a complete electrical diagram of the serviced object and each section of the drilling rig;
• rules for adjustment and repair of complex electrical appliances, instrumentation, welding and power transformers, rectifiers, automatic control devices. the principle of operation of converters and various types of generators and diesel power plants;
• operating principle of boiler equipment; ways to replace individual parts of electrical machines and apparatuses in a drilling rig;
• calculation of the need for static capacitors to improve the power factor; rules for setting up and regulating instrumentation;
• calculation of the section of conductive conductors based on the load of the consumer.