Well maintenance and workover

The company provides services for the current and major repairs of wells. Methods for inducing fluid inflow (development) are selected based on the current value of reservoir pressure. In wells where reservoir pressure significantly exceeds hydrostatic pressure (flowing wells), it is technologically easier to induce inflow than in wells with low reservoir pressure, in which special measures often have to be applied. At the same time, in wells with low reservoir permeability, it is necessary to additionally carry out work to increase the permeability. At the facilities of JC RUSVIETEPETRO LLC, in the period 2021-2022, after well reconstruction using the sidetracking method (sidetracking) by Oktyabrskoye UBR LLC, 6 wells were developed at the Severo-Khosedayuskoye, Visovoy, Zapadno-Khosedayuskoye fields.

Current well workover (CWW) is aimed at restoring the performance of downhole and wellhead equipment, work to change the operating mode of the well, as well as to clean the downhole equipment, the walls of the well and the bottom from various deposits (paraffin, hydrate plugs, salts. At the facilities of LLC "SK" RUSVIETEPETRO" in the period 2021-2022, carried out 15 current well repairs, by Oktyabrskoye UBR LLC, at the Severo-Khosedayuskoye, Visovoye, Zapadno-Khosedayuskoye fields.